Keynote Speaker

Some of Tracy’s most rewarding outcomes have been achieved in the role of keynote speaker. For this, she has wide acceptance.

She speaks on your topic and weaves her own experiences. You get a result that follows you to your desired outcome.

Tracy’s very personal approach comes from a time-evolved trajectory where comedy can be hewn from adversity.

A bleak childhood only endowed her with little self-esteem and less self-confidence.

She embarked on an infectious drive for enthusiasm with an extreme force of will that continues today. She can show the results of her new life to your people.

Her insights move through a lively 45-minute address starting with her own story, including shaking off her addictions. She then reveals several specific pieces of advice.

She can design a workshop from your brief. She can engage staff through role-play to smooth out communication obstacles. She will buoy spirits.

It’s about showing your key staff their world in a new light.



When author and journalist Claire Halliday called on Tracy to lead the charge at the launch of her book, Do You Want Sex With That, Claire, by profession a campaigner for detail, was struck.

Tracy had read the book from front to back before speaking at the launch and was able to cite the hooks that engaged readers.

Such is her commitment to the faith of clients.

The role of the Master of Ceremonies may be to gauge, and engage an audience, but Tracy’s emcee also knows your product.

“Everyone at my launch was in the palm of her hand,” says Claire Halliday. “People listened, people lingered and, most importantly, people bought the product.”

Commanding, funny, sensitive, timely – these are the tools for grabbing the imagination, controlling proceedings and seeing through a plan.

Tracy has a genuine belief she was born for this.

Let her work with you on an artisan crafting of the event of your dreams. Formal, funny, educational or motivational – results are attainable, goals will be surpassed.

Tracy has a track record.

She is a presenter for the Melbourne Corporate Luncheons at the Sofitel (a Saxton Speakers/Sofitel venture supporting Scouts Victoria).

She was also the “face” of Melbourne Jazz for 5 years and emceed their press launches, including the prestigious Melbourne Jazz Bell Awards.

Tracy knows all events require a custom tone so she prepares for each individually from your brief – and she runs on time.

In the street, on TV, in clubs, in front of suits in expensive hotels, she talks and laughs and they listen and laugh with her.

Experience gives Tracy the edge, as seen by:

  • Saab Australia
  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Age Newspaper
  • City of Melbourne
  • The Victorian Women’s Trust
  • YMCA Victoria
  • Government of Victoria …


“The launch was a huge success for the City of Melbourne and we are receiving many messages of congratulations.’’

– City of Melbourne, Deputy Lord Mayor, Gary Singer


”She makes everyone feel special and provides a unique energy and enthusiasm that others simply aspire too … the consummate corporate entertainer and presenter.”

– Saxton Speakers, Directors Nanette Moulton and Winston Broadbent


”You, Ms. Bartram were superb, as we knew you would be … the honour and privilege is ours.”

– Melbourne Museum Project Coordinator (8-Hour Day 150th Anniversary Project), Leanne Shingles


“A speech that was honest and heartfelt, and gave a powerful message”

– Social Affairs Manager, The Body Shop, Eloise Bishop


“Your speech brought tears to our eyes … inspirational.”

– Anglocoal, Qld, Cherie Hobie


“The poise, passion and compassion you show in your work is infectious … motivating the corporate world and entertaining the masses”

– Australian Institute of Management (Vic/Tas), Events Manager Sharlene Eade


“What a fabulous performance (International Women’s Day) – smart, honest, engaging, warm and splittingly funny… you took the cake!!!’’

– Victorian Women’s Trust Executive Director, Mary Crooks


“Her skill in being able to make us laugh one minute and cry the next was astounding.”

– Australian Fitness Network Convention Manager, Joanne Smith