In 1994, Tracy Bartram  signed on with 94.5 FM in Perth and with Fred Botica, the duo had the run of the town for three years.

The wave was building. She heard someone calling from Melbourne.

It was FOX FM and brekky with ‘Tracy and Matt’ in the Morning.

Her show with Matt Tilley out-whipped Melbourne FM radio for more than six years.

In 2003, she decided to tally-ho some of the breakfast radio hours and spend more time on the boards – corporate board audiences who were due their motivation.

In 2005 she blasted through ABC’s 774 studios in Melbourne and in 2006, she and Tim Smith teamed up for Tracy & Tim for Breakfast on Mix FM for two years Tracy then returned  to her beloved ABC.

What’s next?

Stay tuned!!!

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Tracy Bartram named in the Top 30 Radio Stars
of All Time!


Brad March was the CEO of Austereo Radio when Tracy was lured home to Melbourne after three incredibly successful years on Perth radio.

Joining Fred Botica on 94.5FM, Tracy’s inclusion on the show saw it soar to the number one spot, an honour that had previously eluded the station.

Brad was the impetus behind luring Tracy back to her home town of Melbourne and pairing her with Matt Tilley (who deservedly  rates in Brad’s Top Ten) for the legendary and massively successful ‘Tracy & Matt In The Morning’ on Fox FM. Now as part-owner &  contributor for Radio Today, Brad has rated Tracy Bartram in his Top 30 Australian Radio Stars of All Time.

That’s pretty cool.

Read the article here.


Life Changes With Filippo

When Tracy was in L.A last year, she had a heart connection with the wonderful Filippo Voltaggio, host of Life Changes with Filippo.

This on air Skype  interview for his show took place upon Tracy’s return to  Oz – how great is technology!

They  have other projects planned…. watch this space!

Tracy Bartram Radio Show #107 on Life Changes with Filippo



Tracy also appeared as part of this episode with the wonderful Pat Lynch, founder of Womens Radio.  She is really worth listening to. And you’ll hear Tracy at the end with Filippo & producer Mark Laisure.

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Dear World.

One of the most frequently requested pieces of Tracy’s career.

The poem Tracy read at the start of each school year.

In Tracy’s words…

“I first heard this poem, written by Victor Buono, when I started in radio in Perth. My co-host read it on-air. I just loved it. It was so poignant and succinct.

When I came back home  to Melbourne, to work on ‘Tracy and Matt in the Morning’ for Fox FM, it made sense for me to read it every year, when traumatised Mums were taking their children to school for the very first time.

No matter how many times I’ve read this, I always get a lump in my throat. My little boy, to whom I would dedicate  this poem,  is now 17 and 6 ft 3”  He started at a new school for his VCE this year.  I still feel emotional when I read this piece to myself.

Over the years, I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve emailed me, stopped me in the street and written me letters, asking me for a copy of this poem.

I need to reiterate here, I didn’t write this. I changed the words to suit my then five-year-old son.  I was reading this with him in mind, whenever I read it on-air.

You can find the original online if you Google “Dear World Victor Buono”.

In the meantime, this is a version that I read on Mix FM.

I hope you enjoy it.”

Some snippets from Tracy’s fabulous radio career. We’re still wading through them all and more will be added soon

Tracy and the Hallmark Moment on Mix FM


Tracy & Tim for Breakfast on Mix 101.1 Jenny Eclair Part One


Tracy & Tim for Breakfast on Mix 101.1 Jenny Eclair Part Two


Tracy’s breakfast show jingle for 774 ABC Radio Melbourne.


Tracy and Tim – Underwater show from Melbourne Aquarium


Tracy & Tim interview Seinfeld’s  Jason Alexander


A high point in Tracy’s radio career

One morning in 2009, when Tracy was hosting The Breakfast Show on 774 ABC Melbourne, she had opened up the phones to take calls from people with sprightly grandparents.

This was based on a story in the daily paper, about an 82-year old grandmother, a yoga teacher and, showed her doing some incredible yoga  postures in a 1970’s aqua one-piece jumpsuit. She was fabulous!

The calls from listeners were sensational, lots of stories about groovy grandmothers and jet-setting granddads, doing extraordinary things despite their advancing years.

A 74 year-old man called, proudly describing his 103-year old mother.  As a result, the outpouring of admiration for this lovely woman, Mae, once she called into  the show, prompted the possibility of a dedicated programme, honoring these women in our community.

General Manager, Steve Kyte, instantly agreed and Tracy suggested they build the show as part of Jon Faine’s Conversation Hour, an iconic segment of his morning radio show.

With the help of the producers, the location was Melbourne’s Arts Centre,  withmorning tea for  invited guests and listeners.

Another elderly listener,  who had written her autobiography at 82, Joy Sumner, and Wurundjeri tribe elder, Joy Wandin Murphy, were additional guests on the show with Tracy as co-host.

Listening to these women leading up to Mother’s Day that year, was a real honor for Tracy.

It demonstrated just how powerful radio is and how easy it is to create something marvellous out of something as tiny as a telephone call.

Meeting 103-year old Mae was a real high point for Tracy. She was funny and articulate. She was sprightly. She was inspirational.









(From Left: Tracy Bartram, Jon Faine, May Rush, Joy Wandin Murphy and Joy Sumner)

The late, great Heath Ledger had a reputation for being a ‘dud’ interview.


(in Tracy’s words)

I found him to be delightful on the two occasions I was lucky enough to interview him. This was recorded at Fox FM with my then co-host, Matt Tilley, and, as you’ll notice by my voice, before I had surgery to remove vocal polyps (ewww!)

Heath was a very clever guy, but very anxious and nervous in interviews. He cannily refused to talk about his relationship with Heather Graham (whom he met when in Prague, making A Knight’s Tale). He was a very funny guy!

Naomi Watts was Heath Ledger’s next girlfriend. They met on the set of Ned Kelly (and if you haven’t seen it, please do!)

She was gorgeous. And very much in love with Heath. And was happy to discuss Heath, the press, Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise. She was fabulous!