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Improve workplace wellbeing & culture

Upgrade to Excellence with Laughaholics PremiumTM

This elite package, meticulously designed by Tracy, offers a holistic approach to elevating the well-being quotient of your corporate sphere. From enlightening keynote sessions to bespoke Laughaholics ExperienceTM workshops, Tracy transcends the conventional boundaries to offer a package that’s replete with opportunities for growth, learning, and unparalleled joy.

With the promise of

sustained positivity

and enhanced team synergy

Laughaholics Premium is not just a package

it’s a commitment to steer your corporate culture

towards an era of

happiness, wellbeing, and sustained growth.

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Laughaholics PremiumTM is truly transformative.
Laughaholics PremiumTM gives teams permission to be silly and vulnerable together.

Let’s Talk Mental Health at Work

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Mental health conditions cost the Aussie economy a staggering $60B a year. Time for businesses to take mental health seriously!
(Mental Health Australia)

Almost half of Aussie workers have experienced a mental health condition, with over a third taking time off work because of it. Eek!

Employees often don’t feel comfortable discussing their mental health with their boss, resulting in 12 million days of lost productivity each year. Let’s create a supportive culture!
(Black Dog Institute)

What's included in Laughaholics PremiumTM

  • Tracy Bartram Keynote Speaker or MC

    A highly regarded and sought after keynote speaker and MC with over 30 years industry experience. Tracy always excels.

  • Laughaholics AssessTM

    Tracy takes you through a discovery & assessment of where your business sits regarding mental health issues in the workplace.

  • 6 Laughaholics ExperienceTM Workshops

    Spread the 6 sessions across your business locations or spread your workshops thoughout the year.

  • The Tracy Bartram ShowTM Podcast Advertising

    Naming Rights & Premium options on this exciting new podcast from one of Australia’s most successful & popular broadcasters.

  • Quarterly Laughaholics Team LeaderTM Sessions

    Tracy will train your team leaders in how to run mini Laughaholics Experience TM sessions with their teams.

  • Exclusive Staff Access to Laughaholics OnlineTM

    Online access for all of your staff to Tracy’s fabulous follow-up course online. Keep the laughter flowing!

  • Laughaholics SnapshotTM

    Tracy will provide feedback and data on where you were before and after transforming your business.

We’ll take the right steps at the right time

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Frequently asked questions

What are business leaders asking?
What’s the return on investment?
Improved mental health and well-being lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, better employee engagement, and a positive work culture.

Yes, Tracy can tailor the program to address specific organisational goals or challenges.

Yes, Tracy can accommodate organisations of various sizes by running multiple workshops or adapting the program to meet your requirements.

What are participants asking?
Will I be forced to do uncomfortable activities?
Not at all. Participation is voluntary, and Tracy always creates a supportive environment.
Let’s face it… Tracy’s the funny one! No comedy experience is needed; the focus is on mental health and well-being.

No way! Activities emphasize group collaboration.
Tracy never pressures individuals.

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