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The Laughaholics Experience TM is a bespoke therapeutic laughter session created by Tracy Bartram.

With three decades of sold-out stand-up comedy, improvisation, radio and television experience in her arsenal, coupled with decades of deep personal development practice, Tracy has developed the Laughaholics Experience to help build global wellbeing through laughter.

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Transform your team in 75 minutes
with Tracy Bartram’s Laughaholics ExperienceTM

Harnessing the Magic of Laughter

At the heart of Laughaholics ExperienceTM lies a revolutionary approach to transforming your corporate culture.

Laughaholics ExperienceTM creates a culture where laughter becomes the golden thread that connects everyone. With her expansive career spanning stand-up comedy, television, radio and personal development, Tracy becomes your beacon of change, fostering an environment where transparency is applauded and unity is fostered.

From the very first session, witness the transformative power of laughter. Let Tracy weave a tapestry of happiness, camaraderie, and a renewed sense of purpose across your workforce.

What our clients have to say

The Laughaholics session proved a success for both the introverts and extroverts within our group and was an excellent way to end a 2 day conference, affording delegates to leave on a high note after a huge 2 days - thank you Tracy Bartram and team - you are all stars.
Mark Little
General Manager Strategy & Communications CVGT Australia
I recommend these classes to individuals and businesses alike, they provide self care, team building and provide all participants with practical techniques they can practice in day to day life that are invaluable.
a headshot of Kylie Jones
Kylie Jones
Owner Local Legends Team & Sport Photography
Tracy’s laughter workshop was an amazing experience! She did a masterful job of facilitating. When I began I felt empty and tired. When we finished I felt full of light and energized. I love Tracy’s vision, enthusiasm, caring spirit and her great sense of humor.
Mari Selby
Selby Ink Publicity
Tracy brought all of her native gifts of enthusiasm, stage presence, innate sense of playfulness and sheer joy for life. She made all of us feel fully present, in the moment, comfortable and ready for fun! Highly recommend this experience for others!
Pat Lynch
Editor-in-Chief Womens Radio
So much more than just a speaker, I highly recommend Tracy for your next professional event. Passionate, informative, a beautiful human and, of course, oh so funny.
headshot of Carol Jeffs
Carol Jeffs
Chief Executive Officer Cardinia Shire Council
Laughter is the BEST medicine and Tracy will keep you in stitches! Plus, she will educate along the way all the benefits of each exercise. Improving immune health and your mindset is fast and easy with all that Tracy teaches!
headshot of Mandara Cromwell
Mandara Cromwell
President, CEO Cymatics Technologies, Inc

This is a highly transformative, fun, energising and bonding experience for management wanting to create a new team blueprint in their workplace.

Participants are encouraged from the start to be open and honest, even if that means sharing that they don’t want to be there!

We measure starting points and final outcomes and there’s always an uptick.

Even the most negative participants have had radical shifts, with team leaders overwhelmed at the positive outcomes.

Laughaholics ExperienceTM sessions are gently facilitated by Tracy, a leader in her field and with her own bespoke brand of laughter therapy.

Introverts report feeling relaxed within minutes.

It’s exhilarating, fast-moving and there’s never a dull moment.

Nobody has to perform. Nobody has to tell jokes.

A highly transformative, fun, energising and bonding experience.

The Laughaholics Experience is a team-building opportunity not to be missed.

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