Improve workplace wellbeing & culture

a picture of Tracy Bartram laughing

Rediscover Joy with Tracy Bartram's LaughaholicsTM

In the fast-paced business world, the well-being and unity of your team are pivotal for fostering a nurturing and productive environment.

LaughaholicsTM, created & facilitated by the vivacious Tracy Bartram, is your gateway to a more harmonious & productive workplace. With it’s unique approach based on modern research, LaughaholicsTM serves as your bridge to not only enhance team solidarity but to rejuvenate the very essence of your work environment.

Harness the Science of Laughter for a Thriving Workplace!

Did you know that laughter is like a burst of sunshine for your mind, especially at work?

Yup, it’s scientifically proven!

Sharing a hearty laugh with your colleagues can lower stress, uplift everyone’s mood, and even ignite a flame of creativity in your brain. It’s not just good for a joyous moment; it’s a fabulous strategy to cultivate a happy, healthy, and buzzing work environment.

LaughaholicsTM offers 2 options

Laughaholics Experience TM is the backbone  of Laughaholics TM and is a stand-alone workshop that can be booked as a single workshop or as many times as you need.

Laughaholics Premium TM is a complete mental health & wellness program for businesses looking to transform their corporate culture.