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An Attitude of Gratitude is not a cheese-fest, kids!

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My wonderful friend Dr John Demartini, taught me to have an ‘attitude of gratitude,’ the year I walked away from my $1M job.

That was over a decade ago.

When I left that role, I was sick, spiritually bereft, exhausted and resentful.

Resentful, with a capital RESENTFUL.

I’d been treated so badly and I’d worked so hard! Why were they so mean to me? Why wasn’t I appreciated?

I can now see that my OWN duplicitous behaviour was pivotal in creating such an awful work environment.  I can see that I treated people badly.I also treated myself hideously; I burnt myself into the ground. I cracked that invisible whip over my head with terrifying repetition.


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 1.55.06 pmI also treated myself hideously; I burnt myself into the ground. I cracked that invisible whip over my head with terrifying repetition.

I can see that the Law of Attraction brought all this behaviour to me, as I was focussing on the Darkness instead of the Light.

What we focus on, we attract.

I am so grateful for that time in my life as it lead me to many more amazing experiences!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.40.50 pmTwelve years on (yup!) and I have forgiven all the horrors that were inflicted upon me by my colleagues.

I have forgiven myself for being such a Diva, Prima Donna and Megalomaniac.

That took a while……. I really was down on myself.

I now come from a place of such enormous gratitude that I am humbled.

I am humbled that I was ever given the opportunity to be a broadcaster in the first place.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.01.17 pmI’m grateful that so many people continue to share with me how laughing in the mornings made such a difference to their lives. Oh, me too! I just loved all of that laughter!


I am grateful to have made my amends with those who hurt me (and those who were polite enough to respond to my overtures).

I am grateful that those who DID hurt me were also some of my greatest teachers.

Dr Simon

This is Dr. Simon Floreani, from He’s the most incredible practitioner, mentor, father, husband and businessman. Book in to have an adjustment with him ASAP if you really want to be well. All of my students and clients see Simon.

I am grateful that I am now able to see immediately when I am in pain, what the lesson is and how to release that pain.

I am grateful that extraordinary people, who have ONLY my highest good in their hearts and minds for me, surround me with love and support.

This is what gratitude is.  Going within, digging out the festering crap that’s eating away at us, bringing it into the light and watching it disappear like so much belly button lint in the sun!

I am humbled and grateful that all the pain I carried for sooooo long has DISAPPEARED!

No more!We give lip service to gratitude.

To truly experience it, I have discovered that being joyful and grateful for EVERYTHING is the way to bring even MORE joy into my life!

A colleague told me, when I left my last marriage, ‘do you realise how badly you speak to your ex’? You never say please or thank you’.

Really? Seriously? Gah! I was mortified!

I rectified that immediately. I still say please and thank you to my ex, but he’s still my ex!  And, I am so grateful for the time we spent together, the son we created and the lessons I learnt in that marriage.

I now correct teenagers in shops when they ‘forget’ to say please and thank you. Yes, you’re right! They LOVE that!!!

Three little words that could almost mean I love you when said with total sincerity.


Thank you.

Want to try this easy experiment? Say please and thank you to every single person in your life for a whole week (when those words are needed, cheeky!)


But you have to make  genuine eye contact when saying the words. And please smile!

From the checkout chap, the woman in the petrol station, the usher, the bus driver, your children, your lover, your colleagues, your friends and your enemies! Make them your friends by loving yourself a little more each time you greet them.

Recognise what all of these people teach you by being in your life – even fleetingly –  and watch how your gratitude soars!

Please, share the results of your experiment! Just drop me a comment below, (please!).

Your week will be soooooo sweet! I guarantee it! You’ll have a spring in your step that you haven’t had before, I promise.

This week at Manifesting Monday (Mon August 18,2014) we will excavate our own gratitude, what it feels like to be  grateful, to whom we are most grateful and, how we can most effectively express that gratitude.

We are creating gratitude journals and an action plan for our gratitude, so that we can express it daily and improve the quality of our daily lives.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.07.17 pm
To make each day sweeter and, more meaningful.

As we continue this gorgeous winter series of Manifesting Monday, I will as usual, be creating a divine soup (with extra love) and a special gluten free, Paleo, vegan morsel to have with our herbal tea.  Plus your Pro-biotic shot to help your gut integrity and,  filtered water with organic lemons and Dr. Emoto – inspired water   messages.

Moby & Roger

Moby (back) 14 yo rescued Schnoodle & Roger (front) 7yo Schnauzer. Both adorable & divine.

Our regular HUGS, meditation, sharing, LAUGHS, love and Moby the Wonderdog are always part of our Mondays. Plus  the perfect essential oils and oracle cards for your Highest Good.

We now have Roger the Schnauzer here in Doggie Rehab, so he will love any affection you pour upon him.

You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to attend, I’m not and I live here!

Love to see you on Monday, Beloveds!

This series is open to all people who have:

      1. Attended a prior Manifesting class with me.
      2. Hired me in a professional capacity as a Speaker, Comedian, Consultant or Facilitator
      3. A real friend (as opposed to imaginary friends on Facebook).
      4. A friend of someone who is one of the above. In other words, if you have a previous connection to me you are welcome in my private sanctuary, my home, for these  sessions.

Any questions?

Feel free to email me at and I will happily respond.

To claim your space, click here. We have 20 seats.




Tracy Bartram, Goddess of the Tongue in Cheek




P.S.  We are limited to 20 grateful bums on seats in my gorgeous home.

P.P.S.  In case you think I’ve gone all God-bothery and have lost my sense of humour (Really? Is that possible?) I just want to warn you that I still swear like a wharfie. And I laugh with abandon. If swearing makes you uncomfortable, please don’t book a ticket!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.06.12 pmI mean, I may not swear at ALL! I never did on radio and I rarely do in my classes, but I do have to warn you that…. I could drop the F-bomb and I don’t want anyone having a hissy fit.  OK?


<Click here to reserve your space>

To sleep, perchance to dream…

I love my sleep* more than CHOCOLATE!**

Hello, Gorgeous Ones!

Another Monday, which means it’s Manifesting Monday and I have soup to prepare for tonight and I’m not even in BED yet! (Not that I cook in bed as a general rule!) But I’ve spent a lot of time in bed this weekend, starting with Saturday.

Oh, how I love a Saturday!Cat sleeping in sun

Saturdays, for me, evoke a vision of a relaxed, languid cat, lying in the sunshine, without a care in the world. Perhaps she’s lying on the concrete path leading up to the rotary clothesline, in the backyard memories of my 1970’s childhood. Either way, I love that image, because Saturdays are sandwiched between Fridays (yay! The weekend!) And Sundays (one more sleep in!) and the delicious anticipation of sleeping-until-I-feel-healed permeates my entire being.

let her sleep Who doesn’t love sleep? I mean, seriously….. L.O.V.E it!

So why am I so reluctant to GO to sleep? Why do I resist sliding under the sweet, soft, silky cotton duvet cover and burying my head in my chosen form of nurture? I am so much more powerful when I have had enough SLEEP! If I’m to change the world, I must sleep more! From childhood, we NEVER want to go to bed. We get cranky, have tantrums and we resist so much!! But once we get there, after a calming bath, we slide into the arms of Mamma Nocturnal and we’re rocked into slumber. So why is it, I wonder, that as adults, doing waaaay more than we EVER did as little kids, carrying so much responsibility in the way of parenting, Mum’s taxi, shopping, housework, gardening, The Bins, sporting  & community commitments, Yoga (yessss!) & Candy Crush Saga ……

Candy CrushCandy Crush Saga!!! Arghhhhh! Please, God, WHY??? I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a compass! I have FRIENDS who play this stupid game and complain they have no time to exercise!!! Why????

Do some journaling and dig into your psyche, darlings!! Or, watch re-runs of Sex & The City.

Anything but that crappy game!

End of rant.  Soz!

Why then, do we deprive ourselves of one of the few FREE things that’s GUARANTEED to help us be happier, healthier & sexier?

8 hours sleep is pretty much guaranteed to help us in our weight management goals.


Yep! Enough sleep means we will be more inclined to romp in the hay! It reduces the stress hormone cortisol (the by-product of adrenalin), by way of the liver. The average 50 year old has THIRTY TIMES more cortisol than the average 30 year old. Yep – lose that shit and sex is more appealing, yes?

Speaking of which…

I’m in Queensland with my Beloved after flying to Brisbane and sharing the drive to the Cumberland Islands. By sharing, I mean that he drove most of the way, while I recovered from 3 days of serious sleep deprivation (due to a mix up about my son’s return from Europe…. He’s 19 and yes, I still worry). I think I drove for two hours total, out of twelve, but hey, I helped! :-)

It was lovely to put the seat back and sleep, albeit intermittently.  Give me a dentist’s chair, anything that tips me even slightly horizontal and I’m gone to the land of zzzz…

It’s so delicious having someone you love, do the driving for you. Even better, is being with that gorgeous-someone-you-love and feeling so comfortable that sleeping isn’t considered rude.

What a joy that is! (I mean, it’s OK if I’m sleeping while HE’S driving but not so great if he’s sleeping while he’s driving….)

Sleep is ESSENTIAL!Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.58.15 am

And like so many other self-employed artists/creatives, we find that we CAN miss out on the essential ingredient; SLEEEEEEEEP……



Both of us keep strange hours, being Creative Beings and so we understand the problems of ‘I have to finish this as I am on a roll’.

So we’ve decided to bookend each day – to talk first thing in the morning & last thing at night, to be accountable (no, we don’t live in the same house…)

Having an accountability buddy is something I’ve enjoyed in 12 step work, goals & exercise, but this is the first time I’ve decided that sleep is so valuable and VITAL for me to live my authentic, powerful, incredible life, that I’ve made it a priority.

With my Beloved! The man I love more than chocolate!** How cool is that?

I’ve done a fair bit of research on sleep (as I’ve done without so much of it in my breakfast radio career) and I’ll be covering that off in our next Manifesting Monday (now every Monday until the Spring Equinox, which is only SIXTY DAYS AWAY!)

I have goals I’ve set to be completed by then, and I’m declaring here and now that (gulp) my first book is due for release in October and sleep is the ONLY way I will complete it.

Yes, I will write in my sleep!

What goals have YOU set that you MUST complete by Spring? Do you want some help from our Marvellous Manifesting Monday Master Manifesters?

Seriously, if you want to embrace some Serious Laughter & Serious Abundance while taking home some great sleep tips, join me on Monday, won’t you?

<Click here to reserve your space, limited to 20 participants>

 We start with a liquid Pro-Biotic shot (a drink, not an injection!) some organic homemade soup (by Yours Truly) and we’ll be all the more equipped for better sleep at the end of the night!

Attendees will also take home a copy of… drum roll….

Tracy’s Top Ten Tips for Super Sleep!

(I couldn’t find a sleep word starting with T… apart from torpor, which is hardly snappy!)   So, you’ll get that. And, something Paleo, for a little something with your herbal beverage.


The HUGS are the most important part of any Manifesting Monday and our HUGS are the best bit of the night. The night my beloved attended, we left out the hugs. Shame. None of my gorgeous MM gals got to hug him (shame……)! Seriously, if you’re hug deprived, come for the Hugs alone. There’s a Manifesting Monday METHOD!

Love to you all, Divine Beings!

See you on Monday night!


To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub. Hamlet.


(I never knew what that really meant. All I know is, if there’s a rub, there’s probably sleep, perchance to dream. Everyone loves a happy ending!)






Random Compliment Giver & Goddess
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We’re having a Manifesting Monday every week until September 22, 2014. Which means, Monday 4th August is ready to book! And the topic is COMMITMENT!

*I really want this to be true, but because I choose transparency, I have to say that I love sleep AS MUCH as I love chocolate. Organic, dark, dairy-free, raw chocolate….. I feel so much better now I have confessed!

**I think it’s time I stopped saying I love ANYTHING more than chocolate. I mean, I love my man, truly I do… and……well….I’ve just loved chocolate LONGER than I’ve loved him. That’s all. OK? Great. That’s sorted.

As you were.

Your word is your wand and…

…Your body believes
everything you tell it.


Wise WordsYes, it’s a provocative headline.

The first part is a title I borrowed from a book I read decades ago, by devout Christian writer and metaphysician, Florence Schovel Shinn. She was totally on the money! But stay with me, please…

I am an AVID op-shopper. Thanks to trying on a fabulous watch my bestie suggested a few years ago and, incredulously paying $15 for it, I was hooked.

Now, going into a retail store is a rarity for me. It’s all the same!

It’s all sooooo boring!

I love the hunt for the buried treasure and boy, have I found some!

(Of course, I still go to Tar-Jay for me undies; I’ve got standards!)

But I love op-shopping, I really do!


It wasn’t always this way.

I am British born and, for my family, going into the ‘Olly Olly shop’ was something only ‘poor people’ did.

(How ‘olly olly’ could be a diminutive of Opportunity Shop is beyond me!)

The irony is: we WERE poor people! My parents were totally broke for most of my formative years and all of their fights were about money.

If only Mum HAD gone to the Olly Olly shop, things may have been different!

Back to the story….Last week, I found myself in a strange land….

After dropping another bestie to the airport, my lovely GPS made me lost. Always an adventure! So I took the Opportunity to pop into a new Opportunity shop in an unfamiliar suburb (did you see what I did there? Did you?) I love discovering more of Melbourne this way!

Best of all, the Op Shop I meandered through had a café in it!

Who would have thunk it? Lucky Moi!

After having a good browse and scoring brilliant purchases, I was drawn to a kitsch, internal café setting.

Two gorgeous, French, painted tables & matching chairs (clearly discarded because they were cold enough to produce instant haemorrhoids!) invited me to take a load off and have a $2 cuppa! Yay that!

My English Breakfast was served in pretty white china pot-for-one, matching creamer & sugar bowl, on a sweet little tray.

It really was a sight for sore eyes, as my Dead Dad would say! I felt truly blessed and abundant to be taking a moment for a rest and a warm drink on a cold day. I’d been up since 5.30am in chauffeur service, to my travelling friend!

Plus…it was hard work, carrying the brand new $1 designer tee for my giant teenager! I was happy to sit back and be waited upon!

A family of op shoppers cackled past while I enjoyed my cuppa, and I looked up to see an elderly Mum & Dad, with their adult daughter and her son.

I said to the daughter, whose smile would light up the MCG, ‘You look really beautiful’.

She looked aghast at me, turned around to see who else was there and said ‘What? What did you say?’

‘You look really beautiful! You’ve got such a gorgeous smile and a lovely face. I love your outfit too. You look terrific!’

Sadly, this woman screwed up her face, really screwed it up and shook her head.

‘No way!’


Lady Shocked!Why do we do this? Particularly us women and girls?

Men don’t crap on like pork chops when we tell them they look hot! They AGREE with us! God bless ‘em!

Why is it SO hard for women to take a compliment? Not just any compliment Peeps, but a random, heartfelt affirmation from a Goddess with a cuppa!

Not satisfied to have my compliment refuted and stomped in the mud, I reminded her of that very fact.

‘Let’s start again, shall we? Hi! You look really beautiful today!’

And of course, the glorious smiling Goddess shined her glorious Goddess smile at me and realised her folly.

‘Thank you. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.’

‘So remember it. And be kind to you’


And that was that.

Not wanting to sound like a goody-two-shoes-crawly-bum-lick, but I just LOVE telling people when they look great!

I’ve had the most wonderful exchanges with strangers and we’ve both moved on feeling much smilier for the love.

And I had never been given a compliment, either, apart from ‘you’re old enough and ugly enough to look after yourself!’ Yes, that gem was delivered to vulnerable 13-year-old-me, wearer of Nana Mouskouri glasses. And I believed I was ugly from that moment on until relatively recently.

I never received compliments…. So I started giving them.

To my gorgeous friends, my divine son, colleagues. People I saw in shops or on the street.

One of my favourite memories of Random Compliment Delivery was while walking Moby The-Wonder-Dog along the river track in Warrandyte, a riverside outer suburb of Melbourne, where I lived for 2 years.

A dapper, fit, elderly gentleman wearing a suit, fabulous fedora and carrying a stunning bouquet of flowers walked briskly towards me on the river trail.

‘You look fabulous! I love your hat! And you’re certainly scoring some Brownie points with those flowers, young man!’

Positive AttitudeHe dipped his lid and bowed politely.

‘Young man? It’s a long time since anyone has called me a young man! Thank you. I’m 82!’

‘Well, I’d never have guessed that. You look sensational. It must be walking along our beautiful Yarra that keeps you so sprightly’.

‘Yes it does. And thank you again. These flowers are for my wife. It’s her birthday today. She passed away 3 months ago and I’m going to put them on her grave’.

Even writing that has made me teary. I remember that chat so vividly. He was very much in mourning, yet his sense of purpose and resolve was inspiring.


Rather than stay home and wallow in his pain, he had chosen to step up and be in it. To feel it rather than push it down with alcohol or cigarettes or bad food.

He’d combed his hair, put on his Sunday best and bought some flowers for his girl.

We chatted for a while about how he was feeling, how much he missed her, how empty his house felt with her gone.

How pleased he was that he was going to talk to her today, comforted in the idea that she would hear him. He had a strong faith.

‘I must be off, now. Don’t want to miss the bus. Thank you so much for saying such lovely things and thank you; for the conversation. You’re the first person to speak to me today. Us oldies often feel invisible. Thank you again, you’ve made my day’.

That sweet old man had certainly made mine. And with a dip of his lid, he was off, carrying his lovely flowers for his Beloved.

The difference between these two Random, Compliment Receivers was profound. One; a woman one third (perhaps?) of the way through her life, rejecting some love.

And one man, nearing the end of his life, only too willing to absorb any love thrown his way.

Your word IS your wand, Beloveds!

<click here to book your space>

new wordleThe way we think about ourselves creates the physical form we inhabit.

If we keep affirming we are fat and ugly, that’s what we create. I said those words to myself for years and I believed them. And so became both fat AND ugly!

I’d been told them often enough as a teenager by well meaning adults (Yup. Lovely.)

I’ve been working on changing my emotional DNA for half my life and, I can truly say that these days, I am very kind to me. . Oh, the relief! Self-loathing is soooo tiring!

I monitor my thinking (Gah! I’m an idiot!) with a remedy to counteract it.

I challenge my friends with a more loving alternative when they cut themselves off at the knees.

I’ve invested decades and many, many hard-earned dollars in this deep, personal healing work.

You can learn how to speak lovingly, to manifest what you want and to create the life you dream of, by practicing what I will share with you.


The Buddhists have a proverb:

“To know and not to do
is not yet to know”

Confucius said the same thing:

“I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand”

Come and play with our gorgeous Manifesters on Monday May 19th.

We all need to be reminded of what we have learned before, and with putting it into practice; we can change our emotional DNA slowly and gently.

<click here to book your space>

If you want more compliments, give them.

If you want love, love yourself. And then love yourself MORE.

Speak kindly to yourself and others will do the same.

Have a relationship with YOU and then, you’ll attract the intimate relationship you want.

Does this work?


Can I prove it?

Yes. I’ll show you proof on May 19th!

Can’t be bothered? All too hard?

This is NOT for you! Only those with a willingness to learn and a preparedness to take ACTION need apply for our limited spaces.

I hope it’s you. We have SO MUCH FUN! Can you imagine me doing anything that ISN’T FUN? No. That’s just ridiculous!

Hope to see you on Monday May 19th!




The Random Compliment Giver and Goddess
(And I rock! Ta da!)

 <click here to book your space>

P.S. Once you’ve booked your ticket, you’ll get an email showing you how to download the PDF you need.

Just for fun, I’ll include one of my favourite music videos, given some of the content of this blog. If profanity alarms you, do not watch it! But it IS fun!



How Do We Know That The Manifestation Experiment Works? ***

I’ve written three blogs in the past seven weeks, to invite you all to the inaugural evening for…

The Manifestation Project

This one is number four and my goal is that it will resonate with you, so that you will understand what’s been going in my own Manifestation Experiment

The Manifestation Experiment is on tonight (Monday April 14th) and I trust that the Intuitive, Inquisitive, Brilliant & Emotionally Mature people who want to really LIVE their INCREDIBLE lives, will be there to learn how to create just that.

I am genuinely excited, as I always am, when I have the opportunity to help others advance, whatever their history or circumstances.

If a Dandenong girl with an alcoholic father can change her Emotional DNA, anyone can!

I will be only too humbled to share what I know with you, Beloveds, after 25 years of practical study in Metaphysical Law.

Others reading this may lament (perhaps) that they need more notice (although the date has been announced via social media for some time).

Yet others will find some other reason NOT to create change. For some, constantly repeating the negative and lack in the lives, will see them talk themselves out of the opportunity to change.

Change can be scary, even daunting. Letting go of The Patterns we have been living can be an overwhelming concept.

Yet some extraordinary people live their lives to their fullest potential and, wring every last drop out of life, until that life is no more.

Tolley Hannaford Tinkler Walters Browne Bennetts

Please let me share something personal with you, if you will, Beloveds, that’s seen me feel a lot of spiritual pain in recent times, yet relieved me of my fear of death.

Today, I attended a farewell for my friend, David Tolley, husband of my best friend, who left his physical form 49 days ago.

The past seven weeks has brought a myriad of emotions to the surface for me.

David and his wife, Dur-e Dara OAM were together for 42 years.

…A lifetime, isn’t it? What an incredible achievement.

To commit to a loving intimate relationship, a life, a partnership, a marriage and, still openly and passionately share that deep, heartfelt love 42 years later, was a great example to me.

Witnessing these two independent artists live their lives, respecting each other, always courteous, helped me to create the blueprint for my own new, wonderful loving relationship, after a four year hiatus.

I’d never witnessed a loving, adult relationship like that of David Tolley and Dur-e Dara’s.

They played music together.
They were best friends.
They clearly adored each other.
They shared an incredible, adventurous, succulent life.

DT namasteThey showed me, and so many others, through their love, how amazing life can be when we truly open our hearts and let love in… when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and willing to trust, willing to walk the talk and tell the truth to our own Beloved.

Today, I realised that David Tolley’s passing triggered me in so many ways.

The death of my own father in 2006 was sad, painful, protracted and undignified. A six feet five man, in a single bed, in an aged care facility.

After two days off air from the breakfast radio show I co-hosted, I was back at work.

Even writing that shows my insanity at the time.

There was no funeral. No real closure.

David Tolley’s passing was dignified, considered and beautiful.

DT seated bass

He left hospital to go home to die, in his beautiful bedroom, where a fresh magnolia bloomed in the luscious garden outside his window.

He was nursed around the clock, by a team of Goddesses who loved him, including Dur-e.

The room was pristine, sweet and filled with incense, flowers and the accoutrements of his faith.

I witnessed his passionate life; painting at 3am. Creating sculptures in the afternoons. Composing music on his Mac. And long conversations about life, love, pain and how to transcend the latter.

He showed me tenderness and kindness at some of the most painful periods of my life.

He also met my gorgeous Beloved days before he passed, congratulating him on his patience for ‘putting up with me’(!)

For two days after his peaceful and conscious transition, I was able to still talk to him, get used to him being gone, look at the picture of serenity his shell now reflected, now that the pain and suffering had ceased to torment him

He was an extraordinary man; a musician, sculptor, educator, visual artist, husband, father, grandfather, lover and friend.

I had never known anyone like David Tolley. Watching him with his adult children was nothing like the experience I’d had growing up.

Ren, DT, DD

He was a mentor to so many musicians and other artists decades his junior and, he was still creating his many forms of art until a few short weeks before his death after a 12 year illness.He added 11 years to a one year prognosis by changing his diet, increasing his supplementation and absolutely insisting on doing everything he wanted to do, every single day.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because I no longer have any fear of death, although I know it will come to me, like all of us, when it’s my time to go.

In the meantime, I implore you all, Dearest Beloveds, to LIVE YOUR LIFE TODAY.

Stop procrastinating!

Come and play, experiment, with me tonight.

The Manifestation Experiment is just that. Your opportunity to PLAY with the idea, that you CAN have what you want.

I am living proof and so are the many wonderful individuals who have taken these ideas and run with them.

That you ARE a Master Manifester and that The Law of Attraction is absolute.

David Tolley’s celebration of his life today reminded me to remind you.

What on earth are you waiting for?

How much crappy TV do you really need to watch when your own Bucket List is waiting to be ticked!

Come and play with me and my gorgeous Master Manifesters tonight.

Here’s how.

Love and blessings,

P.S. If you’re feeling scared, that’s good. It means you’re feeling something!

There’s absolutely nothing to be scared of. You’ll have a lot of fun.

All the details are here on Facebook:

And here’s the page to like to stay up to date:

So excited about tonight!

See you there at Ceres! (click here to book).

*** It does. If you do the work and keep at it, it will work for you.  Are you game to experiment with your own Manifestation Experiment?

Is Manifesting Monday a cult? What happens??

It occurred to me today when I was brushing my teeth (which is when all great ideas manifest, apart from the shower) that maybe, just maybe, I’ve been assuming that the whole world knows what happens at Manifesting Monday and what to expect when they come along.


So I apologise!

Serious Abundance Seminars and Manifesting Monday is
NOT a cult….. but…..

MM not a cult
Let me explain.

The difference between my radio work and communicating in a blog is that I don’t have the opportunity to instantly explain what I just meant and so, today, at the risk of taking too long, I want to explain the story of Serious Abundance, how it came about, what it is, what my vision is, and what happens when we get together.

radio                                     vs


I’ve always known that I don’t think like the rest of the world. I assume that everything is wonderful and that all people are wonderful and friendly, and loving, and kind.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been betrayed appallingly by people I really trusted (Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Myss explains this further)  but I’ve always had an inate sense that we’re all the same underneath.

Good people, with fears and frailties and, most of us weren’t loved enough as children so we still act like infancts in our 40s and beyond.

My journey, which you’ll read more about when my book comes out before the end of the year, didn’t start off with me being a happy, positive person expecting the best.

I was  the most negative, angry, bitter, most resentful person who hated myself more that you could ever imagine.

At the age of 28, I had my astrological chart done. We’re not supposed to have that done until we’re 28, until we’ve lived four cycles of 7 years, but that’s a whole other story.

I have no idea how to read an astrological chart; but, I was given the gift of my true calling, which is one of creativity. At that time, I was married to my first husband, working as an Insurance Broker (insert audible gasp here!) in a District Commercial Banking Centre for one of the Big Four Banks. I hated my job.

I had long, straight, brown Cleopatra hair & I dressed in drip-dry polyester frocks, skin-colored pantyhose and a collection of very sensible shoes, predominantly white, leaning towards pastels. I know! Hideous!  (I’ll see if I can find a photo to bring to Manifesting Monday!)

Even describing that makes me feel a little bit sick! Fast forward to now, I’m nothing like that young girl looking for guidance. I am a GODDESS!

But what DID happen around that time was that I discovered metaphysics. The Law of Abundance & The Law of Attraction are the ones we all align too (positive and negative) and these laws are ABSOLUTE.

Thoughts become things and things become actions. If I choose to think happy abundant thoughts, I live a happy abundant life.

If I choose to focus on what I DON’T have, I would just create more of what I don’t have.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between positive and negative thoughts. For example, saying to a child “don’t run on the road” is the same as saying, “run on the road” because children do not hear the word “don’t”.

So when my son was small, I gave him a call to action, “Stay with me. It’s safe on the path.” And I’m smiling to myself because he walks to the beat of a different drum and so do I.

And we’re both safe on the path, the paths that we’ve chosen. I have chosen to live my life as an aware and conscious human, a spiritual being having a physical experience. I started doing this work at 28 years old. It’s a really long time.

Interestingly, my career has manifested in a random way. I did make a decision to be a stand-up comedian and that happened.

But I never made a decision to become a radio broadcaster or breakfast radio host and the universe opened up all of those doors for me. And all of those experiences have made me a richer, wiser person.

My metaphysical beliefs helped me survive the cut-throat radio industry and to walk away from the top rating breakkie show in Melbourne, to focus on what I really wanted.

I wanted to heal my soul; it was battered. That was the first step in creating what was to become Serious Abundance Seminars.

I wanted to create a group of like-minded people, who were thinking along the same lines. They knew something “out there” was better than the dross they were being served up on commercial television.

If I spent time visualising what I wanted to create, visualising the life that I wanted, the health that I wanted, the sense of peace and calm that I wanted, I would create that vision. I would manifest it in the physical.

Dropping the need to be anxious, dropping the need to be unwell, and dropping the need to be resentful, was much better for my health.


But if I work trying this long enough, things would change.  My favourite mantras are,

stock-footage-scroll-of-old-parchment-d-animation-with-alpha-mask3In 2008, together with my dear friend Dr. Rosemary McCallum,  we created Serious Abundance Seminars. From the very first workshop we ran in 2008 to now, this has been an incredibly joyful project for me.

Sadly, Rosemary has been unable to continue this work with me and our friendship remains unchanged and as committed to each other as ever.

Our idea of Serious Abundance is just that. We live in an abundant universe. Abundance goes where it’s attracted. Living abundantly has nothing, or little to do with money yet most people focus just on money.

I have a friend in remission from cancer. One of the smartest, sweetest, kindest, funniest women I know. I adore her.

She lives  moments from the beach (which she adores and, pays top rent to be there) yet even after going through the trauma of cancer and, working through all of her deep-seated fears towards her recovery in the most profound and spiritual way, she still laughed when I asked her to commit to a 30-minute meditation by the beach everyday, just counting the waves.


It remains to be seen if she’ll do that. I hope she does.

That way, we’re all the same. No matter what sort of life we live, we generally lurch from one stressful situation to another. We work in jobs we can’t stand. We buy takeaway because we haven’t given ourselves time to buy to create loving food. We communicate with our friends by text, Facebook, and email but we don’t meet them for coffee.

We forget that we are spirit beings having a physical experience. This means that we need to be present in the physical.

By coming along to Serious Abundance, one night per month means that we are giving ourselves 3 ½ hours per month, 35 hours per year, to work on manifesting what we want in our lives.

We have a great time, no matter what the topic

Manifesting Mondays-058

And interestingly, some people can’t even commit to that! We have no rules. This is a community. Some of the most extraordinary people have sat in sessions with me. We changed our venue, we’re now at Ceres, one of my favourite places in the world.

It’s an Eco Environmental Park. It was once a rubbish dump and it was rescued by a group of extraordinary like-minded individuals 30 years ago who had a vision of turning it into something beautiful.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Serious Abundance is my vision to turn something sad (a global community) into something beautiful, one person at a time.

Each month that we get together, we focus on a topic and this month we’re working on the crown chakra and to  have balance in that chakra, create a bit of space in our bodies to live.

Chakras are energy centres in our body and we’ve been working on all of them this year. Each session is self-contained. Not being here for the last one or the time before that is not a consequence.

Each member receives exactly what it is that they’re supposed to receive at each session. We will always hear what we need to hear. We will hear someone else sharing and relate to it.

We have an opening and closing meditation. We talk about what we want to create. We share our ideas, feelings, thoughts, and visions with others. We support each other. Is it fun? Hell yeah!

Is it interesting? Absolutely! Do we feel uplifted and inspired? Yes, we do. Constantly!

So I offer you the gift of Serious Abundance. I offer you the gift of Manifesting Monday. We only have two more for 2013. And yes, every single year we all say, “Hasn’t the year flown?” but somehow, when we’re on the wrong side of 40 it moves more quickly!

Because we can choose more fun! I am the happiest and most potent I’ve ever been as a woman, a mother, an activist, an educator, a comedian, a singer, a writer, as an animal rights defender…… .

Come along!  I would love to see you. You can click right here.

Click here to book now!

It’s a massive investment of $47!! For your ‘me’ time. With fabulous people, all with gorgeous hearts. And some bloody funny peeps who make me look boring!

Come with a full tummy so you can concentrate. We have a lovely cup of tea in the break. With usually an extraordinary yummy organic little sweet thing, sugar-free. Any questions, email me here.

Can’t come to Manifesting Monday and would rather have a private session with me? Email me here.

Couldn’t give a fat rat’s freckle about Serious Abundance but want more information about everything else I do? Just click here.

Thanks for reading this. Two more Manifesting Mondays and that part of my work is finished for this year. Serious Abundance is an evolving community of like-minded people, committed to self-empowerment for the betterment of their own lives, their loved ones and the global village.

The next Serious Abundance seminar falls on Monday, October 21st which incidentally is the start of Mercury Retrograde which is always a really challenging time.  At any given session, we may cover the following, but not limited to:

  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Positive Language
  • Food
  • Addictions
  • Relationships
  • Astrology
  • Numerology

Last month, we had the extraordinary Dr. Simon Floriani from Vitality Health Centre who spoke about his experience with vision boards, as we were making our own for the Spring Equinox.

The consensus was that it was a joy having him there but also, he’s a total spunk!

This month, our guest speaker will be sharing the horrors of Mercury Retrograde which begins on October 21st!

You need to be with us just for this session! You cannot do any important business in Mercury Retrograde; come and find out why!

So, I hope I’ve explained about what we do!  Everyone was new once and you’ll be made as welcome as any newbie! Bring a friend if you want – just click here and remember to change the number of tickets you need.


See you at Serious Abundance
Manifesting Monday
Ceres Envionmental Park
Monday Oct 21
6.45m – 10.30pm




You’re The Voice! — Manifesting Monday

You’re The Voice! (try and understand it…)*

A voice comes from our heart and souls, not just our throats.

TB Dizzys 2013-06-2

For those of you who have seen me sing with my band or, come to any of my comedy shows, it may surprise you to know that I was so terrified of singing in public, that I didn’t do it until I was 33 years old. Jesus’ age! (A profound time for many, numerologically and, I am not a Happy Clapping God Botherer!)

I was so immobilised at the thought of failing that I just couldn’t sing in front of anyone.

I had been performing as a stand-up comedian for 3 years at this point and had appeared many times, live to camera with a studio audience on Tonight Live with Steve Vizard, The Midday Show (with Ray Martin, Derryn Hinch & Kerry-Anne Kennerly). I’d been a regular on In Melbourne Tonight and all the day time shows as a comic, an entertainer, a humourist, in front of thousands and MILLIONS of people at once, yet I was struck dumb at the thought of singing in front of the man who loved me most.

In fact, I couldn’t even rehearse in front of my then husband; I had to sing in another room, or ask him to go out so I could do it.

That seems sooooo ridiculous to me now, but I needed to share it because some of you seem to think that I have always been an über confidant Goddess. Not true. At all. We Spirit Beings can be weird in our Human Experience, can’t we? And now, singing is really like oxygen to me and, something that brings joy to me, my band (oh hang on, better check with those buggers…) and my audiences.

How did I work through it?

I’ve worked through my fear, over time, done the inner work, practiced my affirmations and journalling,  put myself in a space of healing and learning with Evolved Metaphysicians over a 24 year time frame. Wow! That’s flown!

Approaching Manifesting Monday (which for the uninitiated is a monthly metaphysics class I co-created a few years go), I am always reminded of the adage ‘we always teach what we need to learn’. This is especially true for me as we approach our Throat Chakra, Vishudda.

And to clarify, tomorrow night is not about singing! It’s about claiming your VOICE. How you express yourself, in your thoughts, in your words.

As I write, I’m reminded of how crucial it is that we choose our words carefully.

Words have such an effect on all of us.


Loving words can open bruised hearts;  harsh ones can shatter us and leave us broken.

tonguehasnobones It’s an interesting exercise to keep a little check list (try it for the next few days… just to see for yourself) of all the words we use without even realising.

‘That was stupid’
‘I’m an idiot’
‘I hate him/her/them/it’
‘I’m sick and tired of….’
‘I’ll never……’
‘I always…..’

…Familiar much? (I’ve only shared MY list!)

I’m appalled at what comes out of my mouth in traffic! Yet, I’m a metaphysician who shares a loving heart with the world! I can turn into a swearing nut-bag who would make a wharfie blush! (Note to self; work on this…)

Serious Abundance Seminars workshops continue as Manifesting Monday on August 19th.

We are working on the Throat Chakra. Click here to reserve your seat now.  

Our poor throat chakra takes a battering!

throat_chakra_by_haleygeorge-d5rrsbz                                                        Illustration by Haley George

We say the most horrible things about people we love, people on TV (don’t get me started on any TV talent show and the sprays people splash on social media!) and ourselves. We are so cruel to ourselves!

My (old) default inner chatter, whenever I was ‘failing’ at something, like finding my car keys or getting in a panic were ‘I’m a fat, ugly, lazy bitch who would be better off dead’.

Truly! Even writing that hurts me, to see how brutal I was towards myself.

No wonder my self-esteem was non-existent. And this wasn’t that long ago, Peeps.

Click here to reserve your seat now

This Monday we will work on loving ourselves more while working with Vishuddha, the 5th chakra, the Throat.

The throat chakra allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

It is directly connected to the ability to express inner creativity. Both teaching and learning, are affected by the balance of the throat chakra.

Some signs that the Throat Chakra is out of balance are:

  • Difficulty expressing oneself
  • Poor learning ability
  • Habitual lying
  • Fear, doubt, uncertainty

We will work with colour, sound, breathing & imaging and you’ll go home with a yoga posture that you can do with NO previous experience. Oh yes, and FUN! The main ingredient!

Click here to reserve your seat now

I am so grateful to all of you who support me in my work.

From hiring me as a Keynote Speaker at your conferences, to entertain your staff as your MC,  for bringing me into to work with your teams on Mental Health and for hiring/coming to see ‘Tracy Bartram & Her Man Band*’

Thank you all. I absolutely LOVE what I do!

My life is so much richer for knowing all of you and, in particular, those of you who have embraced Serious Abundance & Manifesting Mondays. It’s such a fun way to learn how to reclaim your lives, through The Law of Attraction and Metaphysics.

And really, if the only personal development you commit to is Manifesting Monday, you’re still LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of the general population!

It’s pretty special stuff, we’ve formed a gorgeous community of men and women who have become genuine friends and, who continue to support each member in their individual goals.

See you on Monday 19th August!

And remember to book your ticket right now; we’re limited to 40 tickets this month.

Next diary dates for Manifesting Monday:

  • September 16th
  • October 21st
  • November 18th

...all at Ceres in East Brunswick; this THRILLS ME!

It’s so über cool to be at a venue that is congruent with the values of our members. To think that 30 years ago, concerned East Brunswick residents lobbied to build an environmental park, on a rubbish dump and, it became the important oasis that is Ceres.

See you tomorrow night! Click here to save your space!

Love and blessings,


PS I’ve got the best story to tell you on Monday about how I manifested Mr. Right! And how it all went horribly wrong….. for my highest good!

*From You’re The Voice. Written by Andy Qunta, Keith Reid, Maggie Ryder & Chris Thompson.

Tracy Bartram invites you to Manifesting Monday April 22, 2013. Third Chakra, Yoga, Yummy Food & Bali!!! Squeal!!!!

Greetings, Beloveds!Tracy Bartram

It’s your Comedian/Working Mother/Singer/Writer/Goddess Friend!

Oh My GOOOODDD!! I am so excited I could just BURST!!
Tomorrow, TWENTY FOUR PEOPLE are going to have the Best Night Ever! With me! Wanna come? Read on…..

I started writing this on Saturday (see below) and it’s now almost Monday – and – I’ve left this as it was, because it’s applicable to all of us (I feel…) But first, here’s a word from our sponsor!


It’s Saturday, it’s a gorgeous Autumn day in Melbourne and I’m writing this before I head out to find a new chiropractor (another blog… but if you know one, who’s connected to the Higher Realms, working in the northern suburbs, please email me privately).

My son has a severe shoulder problem and we’ve looked at the metaphysics behind it; he’s in pain. (Hence, the need for the right practitioner.)

It occurred to me, explaining how his pain was connected to some guilt he was carrying, that he was not feeling free to be himself, that perhaps I’ve never really explained to YOU why I use that word (metaphysics) so much and why I teach metaphysical principles in my work. Why I live these principles one day at a time and how doing so changed my life, my career, my relationships, my health and my priorities. All for the better!

Many of you will have seen the Manifesting Monday emails and Facebook invitations that I have been sending for the past 5 years. Along with info about my band gigs, and the fact that I’m writing a book (almost done! Sooo excited! I am itching to get onto books 2 & 3!!)

Some of you keep asking me ‘when are you going to do radio again’?
‘When will you do another comedy show?’
‘When will you go back to Fox FM, Mix (or TT as some people still call it!) or 774 (ABC Melbourne)?’

I won’t. I can only keep moving forward! I can never go back – only forward to something better! When My Higher Power wants me to work on terrestrial radio again (those that you hear on your radio now) I’ll let you know. But don’t hold your breath! I’m working on a podcast that I’m STOKED about it. More later…..

Back to Metaphysics, fun and creating life As You Want It!

So…..Serious Abundance started in 2008. Maybe I’ve never explained properly, what it’s all about!

In a nutshell, I read Louise L. Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ when my first marriage was ending, in 1988! Yikes!

The basic premise of metaphysics is that we are all responsible for our lives, that The Law of Attraction is Absolute and that we have the Power to create what we want (as long as what we want it for the Greater Good, or we will lose it).

I struggled with this concept.
Big time.
I was in the foetal position for a week, sobbing (I kid you NOT).

Realising that I could no longer blame my parents, my teachers, my (ex) husband (s) (!!), the government or my boss for my shitty life HIT ME HARD. What???

I had to take RESPONSIBILITY? Me? Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 2.43.36 AM

It was hard at first. I cried a lot. I was in shock. Now I know better!

We create our reality. We draw people, places, times and events to us by our thoughts and actions.
Thoughts become words and words become actions.

Think BRILLIANT THOUGHTS, Kids!Gautama Buddha

A million books have been written about this stuff, from Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think & Grow Rich’ to ‘The Secret’.  All old information, wrapped up in new marketing packaging. No judgement here, just observation. And based on the knowledge that:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”
― Gautama Buddha

So I’m here, with Rosemary McCallum and we’ve been working together for years and together we’ve been teaching Serious Abundance Seminars (and Manifesting Monday is part of that).

Rose & Tracy

It can be very frustrating for us who live by metaphysical principles, listening to our friends whining, when we know this works!

They just aren’t ready to hear it yet.

I’ve seen this over the years I’ve been studying and practicing these principles. Over HALF MY LIFE!

Whingey friends spend gazillions of dollars on a ‘Sell From The Stage Entrepreneur’ and never use the programme, or they don’t feel they were given value. They have felt that there is a magic pill or a spell to living a life of love, joy and abundance, even if Mr. Right has been impersonated by Mr. Totally Wrong!

I am saddened when they are stuck in what’s MISSING, when they could come to Serious Abundance and be part of this amazing community. And save a shitload of their hard earned bucks in the process.

This is a community I visualised many years ago which forms part of our charter and vision:

Here’s our mission statement:

An evolving community of like-minded people, committed to self-empowerment for the betterment of their own lives, their loved ones and the global village.

And that’s what I’m wanting to share here, with YOU.

One of our students put her hand up one night and said ‘I don’t believe I can manifest. I need some proof’. I laughed and said ‘look around this room of 40 people. This room of happy, smiling, supportive, loving people who only know each other through this programme and whom I didn’t know BEFORE I SET MY INTENTION TO CREATE IT. You are part of my manifestion’.

The room was silent. Because it was true. Apart from Rose, my business partner, everyone in the conference room was someone who had come into my life as part of my Vision To Create A Loving Community.

I’m not trying to push anything onto you. That’s hideous.

I just want to share the joy and possibilities of this work with you!

I am such a happy little vegemite, because of this work! and I have the best people in my life to prove it! The community of Serious Abundance includes some of the best people I have ever met!
You can meet them too; they were all new once!

As a performer who came to the stage late (30 years old! Ancient!) I have been intent on living my life through metaphysical principles. Learning to truly love myself started by leaving a radio job that was too much for me to endure on such a gruelling daily schedule.


(Although Baby Spice Emma Bunton, made things bearable!) I love radio but I had to leave as I was sick. Very sick indeed.

Almost 10 years later, I’m single (and seriously visualising my new life partner) studying, raising my young adult son alone as he finishes Year 12, putting the finishing touches to ‘Namedropping & Outrageous Press: A Comedian’s Life In the Celebrity Fast Lane (there’s more where Baby Spice came from!), facilitating Serious Abundance Seminars, doing yoga, fit & eating via the Paleo regime (and so far, never feeling better) PLUS planning the most BRILLIANT self care retreat in Bali for YOU if you want to be part of it! It’s from June 20 -27 and this is no tourist schlep, let me tell you! (And I will, tomorrow night!)

I’ve discovered through trial and error (mostly error!) that when I put MY health, MY physical wellbeing & MY spirituality & artistic life ahead of EVERYTHING & EVERYONE ELSE, The Universe hears me and rewards me in the most miraculous ways.

Only then can I truly be of service to others, which is something that I have as a major priority in my life. I know that many of you want to be of service. But you’re burnt out.

It is NOT meant to be hard!

Take Manifesting Monday, for example. The short version is this. It’s held Monday April 22, 2013. (Tomorrow as I write, but when you get this, it will be today! Magic!)

Our usual/new venue and our former/backup venue have both TREBLED their rates. So that’s a very clear message that we need to find another venue – or Manifesting Monday would be out of range for many of our community.

So tomorrow night, with yoga at 6pm with Edward (who is in his EIGHTH DECADE and can teach a beginner as well as an advanced yogini) and dinner (including our Chakra Series, where we will work on the THIRD chakra) takes us on a completely different journey to what we have done before.

Yes, it DID occur to me that perhaps we would have to postpone this session, but that was not an option.

So, you are cordially invited to attend Manifesting Monday, April 22nd (tonight) starting at 6pm with yoga and then, hopping in your car (or the tram!) and charing a brilliant meal while we teach our
metaphysical lesson for the night, on the 3rd chakra. The solar plexus.

How do you know that you’re meant to be hanging with Me and Ma Peeps tomorrow/tonight?

If you’ve ever been totally fed up with trying to outguess what is ok to eat and what isn’t;
If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and hated yourself;
If you’ve ever been constantly fighting with people;
If you’ve ever been ‘always broke’ and can’t see a way out;
If you’ve ever hated your job but been too scared to leave and follow your real passions
If you’ve ever sat in a mega-auditorium and felt disconnected to the ‘dot’ on the stage ‘inspiring you’ to part with your cash to do their programme, yet you never get to meet them, let alone speak to them;
If you’re caught up in material things or relationships that don’t make you happy;
If you’ve ever been trapped in compulsive/addictive behaviour that makes you feel ashamed; from food to alcohol to on-line activities & compulsive spending;
If you’ve ever hung on to old resentments for YEARS so that you miss out on family & friends’ milestones;
If you’ve waited forever for someone else to apologise;
If you feel you have moved on from your social circle;
If you’ve ever felt so desperately lonely that you wonder why you’re even here…

I understand! I have felt and been all of those things.


I am well and happy and vibrant with no shame at all!

And I’m still as funny as all get out! So please don’t think I’ve become a God-botherer and lost my sense of humour (although I do have a really cool connection to my Higher Power!).

Is Manifesting Monday for you? Wellllllll…..

You’ll only come along if you want to make changes to your life by putting in some actions, incorporating some ideas you may never have looked at before.

IT’S ENORMOUS FUN WITH BRILLIANT PEOPLE! Including me! I guarantee you will have THE BEST TIME and, you will go home feeling a LOT BETTER than when you arrived.


This week, I’ve been challenged by The Real World (the outside one, the one that deals with old paradigms like greed, control, dishonesty. They are merely shadows of my former self, and they’ve re-appeared to show me how far how I have come, and how I need to constantly remember to let go).

So…. this Monday, we have a new set-up, a first! That I am really excited about!

We start at 6pm in Thornbury for yoga (one hour) to incorporate the chakra work we have been doing for the past two sessions. This month we work on the Third Shakra, the Solar Plexus. Where all our emotions are stored. Working with this chakra, the 3rd of the Lower Chakras, takes us into our Higher Realms and helps us move through our fears. It works, kids.  I’m alive to prove it!

After yoga, we shuffle off to dinner at Shokuiku, a new Japanese, Raw, Vegan cafe, for dinner and our usual Manifesting Monday class.

Before you freak out….. I am a meat eater. I am a sugar addict (in recovery) and I tell you from experience that this food makes MY HEART SING! check it out here


Manifesting Monday Morphs into:

Loving Myself Well for the Winter Solstice In Bali!!!


We will celebrate the Winter Solstice in The Land of The Gods and I promise you a week that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! In all the right ways!

And we will be eating raw, organic, gluten, grain & dairy free food THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!


I love my food more than….anything! And I’ll be revealing all of the details tomorrow night.

So, yes, I know it’s late notice. My Higher Power decided that this was the way to go, by all manner of means until I had NO OPTION but to create this for you!

I am truly excited!!!

Those of you who think this is all crap? This is not your time.

Those of you who think……this sounds interesting but I’m terrified that I’ll be eating raw mung beans and losing the will to live…. this is your time!! (You won’t, by the way. The food is astonishingly brilliant. Superb).

Those who have experienced Manifesting Monday, know how great it is and are THRILLED at this outcome? This is your MANIFESTATION!

This is your time. This is my time.

Rock on kids!

Want to come tomorrow night? Which is now tonight as I edit this (again!) at 1.15am!! :-)

Email me today on and you’ll get all the info for Monday night.

I am thrilled to the back teeth and I can’t wait to see you!!!

IMPORTANT! We are only able to accommodate TWENTY FOUR PEOPLE for Manifesting Monday. So please, go here to get all the details:

Blessings, abundance and FUN to you!


PS I know some of you will be worried about Max’s shoulder. It’s still sore. We want a spiritually advanced, emotionally mature chiropractor working with kinesiology as a diagnostic tool. Namaste.

PPS I know this is mega long…. I hope you’ll forgive me… it’s my passion and, I just want you to experience what life can be like when you know how easy it is! xxx

‘Manifesting Monday’ 2012

Welcome to the last of our series of fast, hard-core goal setting workshops, designed for you to get real about creating a year of SERIOUS ABUNDANCE in 2012 on all levels. Jump in! You know you want to!

When: Monday Nov 19th, 2012

Where: Medina Executive Northbank Melbourne

550 Flinders Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Parking is available in Downie Street, next to the Medina. Or park under the Medina for the special rate of $10.

Time: 6.45pm for 7pm sharp. Ends 10:30 pm

Facilitators: Tracy Bartram & Rosemary McCallum.

Investment: $57.00 per person

IMPORTANT: After your payment has been processed by Paypal, please click the link that says, ‘Return to Serious Laughter Pty Ltd’ in order to complete your registration

Share the benefits of Manifesting Monday and the Serious Abundance Community with someone you really care about and give them a head start to their own goal setting.

Join Tracy’s mailing list to stay up to date with more events in 2013.

Click here – put your details in under Heath Ledger to stay in touch.

For further information, email Tracy Bartram on

Rosemary McCallum & Tracy Bartram
Founders & Facilitators of Serious Abundance Seminars