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Inspiring Transformation

Tracy Bartram Keynote Speaker

Elevating Minds with Insights and Resilience

Tracy Bartram is not just a speaker; she is a beacon of resilience and inspiration, infusing her talks with personal journeys and rich insights that encourage breakthroughs and enlightenment.

Some of Tracy’s most rewarding outcomes have been achieved in the role of keynote speaker. For this, she has wide acceptance.

She speaks on your topic and weaves her own experiences.

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Tracy’s very personal approach comes from a time-evolved trajectory where comedy can be hewn from adversity.

 You get a result that follows you to your desired outcome.

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A bleak childhood only endowed her with little self-esteem and less self-confidence.

She embarked on an infectious drive for enthusiasm with an extreme force of will that continues today. She can show the results of her new life to your people.

Tracy is in long-term recovery from addiction and alcoholism. She lives with anxiety, depression and ADHD. disorder.

Yet she’s happy!

Her insights move through a lively 45-minute address starting with her own story, including shaking off her negative past.

It’s about showing your Key Staff

their world in a new light.

What Tracy's clients have to say