Tracy Bartram & Her Man Band*

Next Public Performance of  Tracy Bartram & Her Man Band*

is when YOU book them for your venue, function or private event.

Want to see Tracy Bartram & Her Man Band in your region? Please contact us here and we’ll get onto it! We prefer intimate venues that seat a maximum of 200 people. Preferably with meals and good parking.

This was the last 2013 gig at Dizzy’s where TB&HMB held a 3 year residency. Pretty  good stuff!

They could still be there if Tracy had agreed to be groped, yet again, by the Resident Groper.

She didn’t.

They’re not…..

Funny… none of the men is ever groped…..

2013 Dizzys September

Tracy’s towering humour deems it plausible to form the world’s tallest band, The Tall, with Wilbur Wilde & Bob Valentine, Geoff Cox and 12 other blokes over 6 feet tall.

They make for a pretty funny sight piling into a cab for the gigs.

But she also sings red hot renditions as vocalist with Tracy Bartram & Her Man Band, with some of the finest players the Australian music industry can make available:

  • Piano: Luke Howard, Craig Schneider, Steve Paix, Andrew James,  Joe Chindamo, Mark Fitzgibbon, Steve Sedergreen, Darrin Archer, Chris Somerville.
  • Guitar: Nick Freer, Glen Cannon, James Sherlock, Craig Fermanis,  Shane Ryall, Sam Le Mann, Hugh Stuckey.
  • Drums: Danny Fischer, Darryn Farrugia, Daniel Farrugia, Barnaby Gold, Michael Jordan, Niko Shauble, Craig Simon, Ben Vanderwal, Ronny Ferella
  • Bass: Tamara Murphy, Ben Robertson , Mark Elton, Kim May, Desmond White, Tom Lee, Sam Verna, Frank Di Sario
  • Saxophone:  Paul Van Ross, Tony Hicks, Tim O’Dwyer, Bruce Sandall

And she steps up for established acts guesting their female leads:

  • Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra
  • Stacey Memorial Concert Big Band
  • The Royal Military Big Band
  • Peter Sullivan Band (Alannah & Madeleine Foundation)

*Except when girls are playing (apart from Trace, also a girl….. )