If laughter is medicine

then Tracy Bartram is the CEO of chemists.

Welcome to The Tracy Bartram Universe

The Ultimate Experience in Wit, Wisdom & Authenticity

If laughter is medicine, then Tracy Bartram is the CEO of chemists. It’s a sense of a parallel universe. When you are enveloped by the indomitable spirit of Tracy Bartram, you tend to never forget because she’s on your wavelength. From the hairdresser’s salon in Melbourne, Australia, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Burbank, California…. From breakfast radio to prime time TV, hers is a loyal audience because she is instantly relatable. Tracy Bartram is high thread-count Australian fabric.

A picture of Tracy Bartram entertaining a hall of happy people
Connecting Through
The power of Humour

As if in a mirror held up to our own travails, dreams and perceptions, our experience of day-to-day life, friends, family, relationships; awkward, unfamiliar and otherwise, her foundations in humour are rock solid… reliable.

She gets people. She makes it obvious laughter is a life force, a fuel for empowerment, a therapy to overcome, an axis of survival. Laughter is a must.

a nice headshot of Tracy
The Journey
of a Laughaholic

Tracy is a Laughaholic. It comes naturally. She is tickle-fit. She has been lifting weight from people’s lives for more than 30 years. And she accepts no barriers in her conveyance of the well-being that laughter brings.

She is multifarious… on stage before a live stand-up audience, or in her band, in laughter workshops for business teams, working as a media trainer and, defying traditional formats on screen and on the airwaves, as a festival or function MC or commanding podiums as a keynote speaker in the corporate community.

Challenging Norms &
Embracing Laughter

Riding a razor’s edge, challenging typecasts and saying ‘no’ to the cowardly perpetuation of social stigmas, she re-sets the model on how we communicate, on how we observe, on how to laugh in the face of adversity – and then skip onward, thoughts still pinging from her hilarious revelations.

Her brand of fun becomes apparent as a kind of primal commodity.

“Everywhere I go, I meet people who want more laughter” says Bartram.

An Icon in the Everyday

“Especially at the hairdresser – where, you know, it costs a lot of money to stay a natural blonde…”

INdustry leaders love tracy

Steve Kyte
Steve Kyte Media

“We first worked together at ABC Radio in Melbourne. I asked Tracy to present our flagship Breakfast program over the summer of 2005. I loved her energy, passion for radio and her authenticity. Oh and her fabulous laugh!

The audience reaction was terrific. After that first successful run of programs, Tracy became a regular on the station, presenting Breakfast, Afternoon, Evening and Weekend programs.”

headshot of Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Chief Executive Officer

“We deliberately went after Tracy to join our network (Australian Radio Network) because Tracy knows how to engage an audience.

I have worked with some amazing talent but Tracy epitimises the kind of work ethic in combo with talent that is required to make it big in Radio especially Breakfast Radio.”

headshot of Andrew Sidwell

Andrew ‘Bag’ Sidwell

Head of Content & Experience
3rdspace The Content Company

“I’ve known Tracy through a creative work lens since her Fox days.

What I saw was a creative spirit that knows how to create unexpected work that people are eager to watch, listen to, buy and be a part of.”

She speaks a common language.
and she’ll compare notes. 
and you’ll take away a little bit of yourself that you found in her.
She is a very tall social keel who makes serious fun of showing us how to stay the course.
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A Trusted Name in Entertainment

a photo of Tracy Mcing the Australian Construction Awards

Today, still, she is reaffirming that you have to live a little to get a true handle on yourself. And with the grip of experience comes trust.

You can trust her to draw a crowd, to nail the rigours of a hot-live stage, to snap to cue in a sound studio or broadcast setting and to be on point with the requisite KPIs that frame outcomes in important work. She delivers perfect escapism.

a detail from an painting of Tracy Bartram

Deep Insights and Human Connection

Tracy has a back-catalogue of life lessons but she also has her own ideas…
concepts that form her hard-earned insights.

She knows that…

fun is survival
women over 50 deserve more hope
some suffer a laughter deficit

animals need love

males strive for equality, too

A Globally Recognised Icon

a photo of Tracy Bartram doing a keynote speech at Business Chicks

She is town and country. And she is an an everyday but extraordinary interloper, regularly passing through – and often stopping to stay, just for the experience.

Her instantly recognisable face, her naughty, infectious, rasping laugh and her desire to engage – and always follow-up to learn more from her audiences – have solidified her as an enduring entity on the international scene.

The Scotsman’ voted her Edinburgh Fringe sell-out show Best Show. But more than that; she’s instantly familiar … magnetic in her field.

Tracy Bartram is an icon on the comedic stock market, the ever-rising unflappable commodity you’ll love jangling around in your psyche.