Who Is Tracy Bartram?

She’s funny, forthright and definitely not a follower – unless the cause quantifies itself as a world-saver.

LAUGHING: First and foremost, Tracy is a comedian; filtering life’s absurdities and contributing a few of her own – from prime time variety shows, to national radio, the Edinburgh Fringe and the corporate speaking stage, the two-decades gig list fills boxes. Really want a blast? You haven’t laughed until you’ve laughed face-to-face with The Bartram in a corporate Laughter Class. You’ll never whinge about your colleagues again!

LOVING: With her huge voice framed by an imposing and engaging stage presence, old-school jazz music and reworked pop songs come as second nature. The free-form genre is built for her approach to life; switching, building, seizing on the hooks that come her way. Make a date to see this band, groovers!

LEARNING: Most impacting has been Tracy’s work on the public speaking circuit – motivating, laughing, crying and tuning-in with people when the odds seem insurmountable. As an entertainer her evolving juxtaposition is served by a drive to help people; showing them the way to laughter, relaxation, empowerment and recovery.
Her mind swims with a duty to high ethics, passionate outcomes and a momentous and cheeky sense of outrageous fun.

It’s easy to be swept up in all that is Bartram.

Her innate ability to read people, even on the airwaves through her breakfast show career with Fox FM, Mix FM & The ABC, cuts a swathe through the mood of a community and her rapier wit adds ammo to public sentiment.

AND THEN THERE’S THE BOOK: Anyone who’s ever brushed past Tracy will be flipping through its pages to see if they made the cut – from Shirley MacLaine to George Negus and Gene Simmons.

Serious Laughter: A Comedian’s Life in the Celebrity Fast Lane delivers a see-all, hear-all, say-all expose of a life that will make you wish you’d be fired, too, so you could opt for the bright lights, instead. And there’s enough to make you glad you haven’t.

In 2015, Tracy is huge. Next year will be the most audacious of her career.

Get the book. Get the corporate booking. Get the album. Get the stage show.

Get the picture.

9 thoughts on “Who Is Tracy Bartram?

  1. without sounding too cliche, love your confidence and the work that you do. You’re a fantastic host & performer, saw you at an event once and I decided we absolutely had to have you involved in our fundraiser. You bring amazing energy, are very engaging and I believe would be a wonderful mentor/role model for many of our aspiring youngsters interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Hope to hear from you.

    P.S tried sending this via the ‘contact’ page…kept receiving an error message.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Susan! I have mentioned this to my IT Guru and there should be no problem now. Thanks so much for letting me know. Please email any request to tracy@tracybartram.com.au xxx Blessings! Tracy

    1. David, thank you! Isn’t life wonderful? I’m not sure if you have subscribed to my mailing list but if you do, you’ll get to see yourself on the day we met in Central Park, NYC! I am so glad we did! Please email me through the photos you took (mine have disappeared… so sad) to tracy@tracybartram.com.au as I would LOVE to see them again! -ONE LOVE- Tracy

  2. OMFG ,OMFG,OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t believe I’ve found you tonight ……..actually i really can, because the universe always delivers! I have loved you forever,i saw you on stage in Mums the Word 2 Teenagers ,and you were BRILLIANT !! I was the one whistling the loudest and laughing the longest ! ANYWAY, because of my great respect for you i will continue with this msg tomorrow as i have had a few medicinal drinks tonight and can’t be held responsible for what may come out if i continue ! But i was sooooo excited i just had to make contact tonight!
    Be back tomorrow ,xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo Mon .

    1. Monica?

      I’ve been on the internet for 20 years, darling! I’m not that hard to find :-)
      But thank you for your superlative message :-)
      By the way, there is no such thing as a medicinal drink… trust me on this xxx

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